Saturday, June 20, 2009

And Speaking of Peta...

Now these assholes want to call out Pres. Obama for swatting a fly. A FUCKING FLY??? I don't believe it. These racist ass pricks have nothing better to do than to fuck with our president for swatting a fly; a fucking fly! Now I've heard it all. In the years I've been on this earth, I have never seen or heard of another president that gets the treatment the Obamas get, and probably never will again until another Black person becomes president. It's sickening to me as a Black man to look at the news and see this shit. These nitpicking racist ass jerks actually think this shit is news. Fucking News???? You've got to be kidding me. As much shit that's going on in the world, they chose to waste time, money, and airwaves on this shit? Post- racial amerikkka my ass. A fly recieves more protection in amerikkka than a Black person, I'm not surprised though; we've only been recognized as human beings sometime in the last century.
How many flies,birds,humans,trees,dogs,cats,etc. had george fucking bush killed bombing the shit out of Iraq and other countries during his 8 year dictatorship? For that matter; how many flies,birds,humans,trees,dogs,cats,etc. had george fucking bush killed right here on U.S. soil? At the end of the day, white people like the people at peta use their concern for something else as their platform to spread their disdain and hatred towards people of color and anyone else who doesn't fit into their mainstream, "all amerikkkan" way of life. As long as assholes like these peta pricks feel it's necessary to discount my race, I will keep putting them on blast for the overt racist shit they do.
Question: Have you EVER heard a white person refer to a black person as "all amerikkkan"? What is an "all amerikkkan"?
The full story can be read here.


RiPPa said...

I'm feeling this especially when you pointed out how Bush killed more than flies all based on a fuckin lie in Iraq.

What gets me is how muthafuckas been throwing support for democracy in Iran but yet they was talking about bombing them back to the stone age. That plus how they're condemning Obama for not saying much on what's going on in Iran.

Shabazz said...

'Sup Rippa!
Thanx for checking the blog man, I'm really new to this, so bear with me , I promise it's gonna be a wild ride once I figure all this out!


Anonymous said...

Not only does it bother me that this was a story that made the news for PETA, (a whack organization) but what troubles me more is the amount of money spent on animal rescue in this country as opposed to HUMAN rescue.
Just my two cents worth.
ALSO there is a Humane Society for animals but homeless people are generally ignored by most in this nation. Thank goodness for Salvation Army and other such organizations that do help.

Makaii from Maui.