Monday, June 29, 2009

Duke Univ. official charged in child sex case

By DEVLIN BARRETT – 3 days ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Duke University official has been arrested and charged with offering a 5-year-old boy for sex.

Frank Lombard, the school's associate director of the Center for Health Policy, was arrested after an Internet sting, according to the FBI's Washington field office and the city's police department.

According to an affidavit by District of Columbia Police Detective Timothy Palchak, an unidentified informant facing charges in a separate child sex case led authorities to Lombard.

Authorities said that Lombard tried to persuade a person — who he did not know was a police officer — to travel to North Carolina to have sex with a child.

The detective's affidavit charges Lombard said in an online chat that he had sexually molested the boy. The court papers say Lombard also invited the undercover detective to North Carolina to have sex with the young boy and even suggested which hotel he should use.

Lombard was charged in federal court in Washington with attempting to induce someone to cross state lines to engage in sex with a child. If convicted, he could face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

He appeared in federal court in Durham, N.C., on Friday before Magistrate Judge Wallace Dixon. At the hearing, Lombard agreed to be transferred to Washington for a later court hearing. His lawyer did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Michael Schoenfeld, vice president for public affairs at Duke, said Lombard has been employed with Duke University since 1999. He is now on unpaid administrative leave.

"Duke is cooperating with the investigation," Schoenfeld said. He said the university was notified of the incident after Lombard was arrested.

Authorities executed a search warrant Wednesday evening at Lombard's home, according to court documents. The papers show investigators seized two webcams, five computers and a sex toy, among other items.

Associated Press writer Mike Baker in Raleigh, N.C., contributed to this report.

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Just absolutely disgusting. I can't wait until they put him in prison.
He's gonna be in for the ride of his life in there!
*Did you know this piece of shit and his "lover" are white, and the 5 year old boy is black?
**Bonus Question-
Did you also know he was the boy's adopted father?


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

They have some sick perverted people in this world. I pray that they give him 5 consecutive 20 years sentences with no chance of parole.

Shabazz said...

Yeah Granny, and I hope they put him in general pop!

Shabazz said...

How are you this evening?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I'm doing okay. I had a real busy day today. What about yourself?

Shabazz said...

It's been hectic.
I've been up until after 2am since Friday. My babies REFUSE to go to sleep at night. AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!
They're like cute little toys with the watch batteries inside (you know those little batteries that never go dead)LOL
I love my babies though. It makes me so happy to see they're happy and comfortable at home. I always treat them that way, 'cause I don't want them to grow up feeling empty or rejected. It was the path to Michael Jackson's demise, just as it was my father's. I've made mistakes, but I learned enough to break the cycle.My daughter (she's the youngest) and daddy's little girl for real, I absolutely do not want her pregnant at 15, or with a woman beater and a cheat. I won't say what I'd do to the dude on the internet, as not to incriminate myself (LOL). My boys, I teach them how to fight (defsense is just as important as discipline), my 5 y.o. knows how to read, write, he can even type in web addresses, and surf the internet. I've been teaching him about computers since he was 2.
My 3 y.o., and he's rather tiny, is making the transition from the baby stage, I'm potty training him, and I'm teaching him to read now. BTW- my 5 y.o. began reading when he was 2, just like me :).
I don't just coddle my kids, though. I try to be their buddy as well as their dad. When I leave this earth, I want my kids to retain all of the life lessons I teach them, and hopefully they will do the right thing, my sons will take care of their families and not leave their children behind. My wife and I, as well as the rest of our family are very strict on family structure (And God of course!) I consider us to be beyond blessed, there's nothing better than being a part of a loving family. We as Black people need that. If we had more solid family structures in the Black community, We would be miles ahead of where we stand right now as a people. I hope I didn't bore you with this long post, I just like sharing knowledge (I'm sure you probably know this stuff already), but maybe someone else might come here and read this and get something out of it. Who knows?


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

No you didn't bore me. Never that! I always have time to listen and enjoyed what you said. I am sure you've noticed that I pay more attention to people than they think.

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