Thursday, April 23, 2009

What About Black Rights?

Good morning people. I'm still new to the blogging thing, so bear with me.
This post is actually a response I wrote on another blog.
I don't remember how I got to that site to be honest with you, but it pissed me off
because these Peta folks go off the deep end for ANYTHING to do with animals, when in alot of the cases, it's just smoke blowing for their benefit.
Now, these people are supposed to be pissed off with Verizon because they used a Pitt bull in one of their ads. Now, I haven't actually seen the commercial, but I'm quite sure a multi billion dollar company is not going to jeopardize their business putting out a commercial treating a dog in an inhumane fashion. A DOG at that???
In this country, where dogs have more rights than certain types of people (you all know who I'm talking about) I honestly don't think so.

It's funny how people get all gung ho defending animals, but don't see any value in black people besides the money they can make off of them.
White people are more concerned with the well being of dogs, yet we have babies and small children (In the U.S. as well, not just in Africa) Literally starving to death. Not long ago, a little boy died because his mother couldn't afford a root canal in the same country I was born and raised in, which I pay my taxes to every year, just to be treated like a second class citizen because of my skin color and my socioeconomic status. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Do all of you so-called god fearing Christians actually think god would let you into heaven knowing how you've treated and continue to treat other people for centuries because of their skin color? These "animal rights activists" are the same people you probably would've seen in the '60's spraying people down with water hoses. Different time same fight.


btx3 said...

Shabazz - Congrats!

Think, though - your teabagging pic may be a bit much for many tastes.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...



Granny likes what you wrote. However, like Btx3 said, think about your teabag picture it is a little... Other than that, you did a good job. What you said makes good sense and it is the truth. Keep up the good work. Remember, if you gone stand for anything, stand for righteousness. Love you.

Shabazz said...

I'm sorry, I'll remove it.
I'm still learnoing this bear with me


Shabazz said...

Love you too granny!

field negro said...

Congrats Shabazz, and welcome to the blogging world! I will be watching and lurking, and I know that you will represent to the fullest.


btx3 said...

Added you to my blogroll under Social Commentary...

I started blogging about 2 weeks ago.

Good Luck with blogging!

Shabazz said...

Thanks for the support guys, I'm open to suggestions (help) :), as I really don't know what I'm doing LOL
Thanks for visiting Field; I read your blog every day and you inspire me to fight the good fight; who else is better to learn from than the hardest working blogger in the business :)
Have a wonderful day people!

Lady-Cracker said...

I'll hide and read. I know that I like what you have written in the Fields. Best of Good Luck!