Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boy, 5, rescued after jet crashes in Indian Ocean

SAN'A, Yemen - A passenger jet carrying 153 people crashed into the Indian Ocean in bad weather early Tuesday while trying to land at the island nation of Comoros. Search teams rescued a child from the sea, officials said, but there was no word on other survivors.

The Airbus 310 operated by Yemenia was flying the last leg of a journey taking passengers from Paris and Marseille to Comoros via Yemen. Most of the passengers were from Comoros, returning from Paris. Sixty-six on board were French nationals.

The rescued child was 5 years old and the flight also carried at least three babies, Yemeni civil aviation deputy chief Mohammed Abdul Qader said. He said the flight data recorder had not been found.

So sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims' families, and god bless the little boy who was spared.
The full story here.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Duke Univ. official charged in child sex case

By DEVLIN BARRETT – 3 days ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Duke University official has been arrested and charged with offering a 5-year-old boy for sex.

Frank Lombard, the school's associate director of the Center for Health Policy, was arrested after an Internet sting, according to the FBI's Washington field office and the city's police department.

According to an affidavit by District of Columbia Police Detective Timothy Palchak, an unidentified informant facing charges in a separate child sex case led authorities to Lombard.

Authorities said that Lombard tried to persuade a person — who he did not know was a police officer — to travel to North Carolina to have sex with a child.

The detective's affidavit charges Lombard said in an online chat that he had sexually molested the boy. The court papers say Lombard also invited the undercover detective to North Carolina to have sex with the young boy and even suggested which hotel he should use.

Lombard was charged in federal court in Washington with attempting to induce someone to cross state lines to engage in sex with a child. If convicted, he could face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

He appeared in federal court in Durham, N.C., on Friday before Magistrate Judge Wallace Dixon. At the hearing, Lombard agreed to be transferred to Washington for a later court hearing. His lawyer did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Michael Schoenfeld, vice president for public affairs at Duke, said Lombard has been employed with Duke University since 1999. He is now on unpaid administrative leave.

"Duke is cooperating with the investigation," Schoenfeld said. He said the university was notified of the incident after Lombard was arrested.

Authorities executed a search warrant Wednesday evening at Lombard's home, according to court documents. The papers show investigators seized two webcams, five computers and a sex toy, among other items.

Associated Press writer Mike Baker in Raleigh, N.C., contributed to this report.

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Just absolutely disgusting. I can't wait until they put him in prison.
He's gonna be in for the ride of his life in there!
*Did you know this piece of shit and his "lover" are white, and the 5 year old boy is black?
**Bonus Question-
Did you also know he was the boy's adopted father?

Bernie Madoff Sentenced to 150 Years

Bernie Madoff was sentenced to the maximum sentence for his 50 billion dollar ponzi scheme in Manhattan supreme court today. Don't drop the soap Bernie!
The full story can be found here.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Artist Spoken Word

Hello all. I came across an artist by the name of "Spoken Word."
She is a spoken word artist (hence the name) as well as a conscious rapper. To be honest with you; I don't remember how I came across her site. I love spoken word poetry; and I was glad I found her site. Her poetry is very deep. Her music is tight as well.[yeah, I still listen to hip hop :)] I was so moved by her work, I asked her if I could do a blog post on her; and she gladly accepted. Not only does she do spoken word, she also has a monthly newsletter titled "The Underground". A self proclaimed activist for minorities, I think that's why I was so deeply moved by her works; she's like me in alot of ways, like myself, she's a voice for the voicless. I wish more people who look like me would employ that same mindset; maybe, just maybe we'd be able to make a collective, permanent change in the Black community. If you want to check her out, you can reach her here or here.
You can purchase a copy of her album here. (The page is slow loading but the link works)


Friday, June 26, 2009

Your Thoughts...

Since this is a new blog; in an effort to gain viewers as well as get to know some of you, I'm going to dedicate this blog post to you, the readers. I'm open to comments, suggestions, whatever you think would better your experience here. Or, if you like, I will put up any guest posts you would like to share. (I got this idea from fellow blogger Rippa) http://rippdemup.blogspot.com/. Check him out, definitely a good read.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dead at 50

One of the most iconic figures in pop music is dead today. Michael Jackson also known as, "The King of Pop" died today of cardiac arrest. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family; rest in peace brother.
Read more about Michael Jackson here.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

I had a great weekend with my wife and kids. We went camping and my kids ages 1,3,and 5, LOVED it. They had so much fun. What did you do this weekend?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

And Speaking of Peta...

Now these assholes want to call out Pres. Obama for swatting a fly. A FUCKING FLY??? I don't believe it. These racist ass pricks have nothing better to do than to fuck with our president for swatting a fly; a fucking fly! Now I've heard it all. In the years I've been on this earth, I have never seen or heard of another president that gets the treatment the Obamas get, and probably never will again until another Black person becomes president. It's sickening to me as a Black man to look at the news and see this shit. These nitpicking racist ass jerks actually think this shit is news. Fucking News???? You've got to be kidding me. As much shit that's going on in the world, they chose to waste time, money, and airwaves on this shit? Post- racial amerikkka my ass. A fly recieves more protection in amerikkka than a Black person, I'm not surprised though; we've only been recognized as human beings sometime in the last century.
How many flies,birds,humans,trees,dogs,cats,etc. had george fucking bush killed bombing the shit out of Iraq and other countries during his 8 year dictatorship? For that matter; how many flies,birds,humans,trees,dogs,cats,etc. had george fucking bush killed right here on U.S. soil? At the end of the day, white people like the people at peta use their concern for something else as their platform to spread their disdain and hatred towards people of color and anyone else who doesn't fit into their mainstream, "all amerikkkan" way of life. As long as assholes like these peta pricks feel it's necessary to discount my race, I will keep putting them on blast for the overt racist shit they do.
Question: Have you EVER heard a white person refer to a black person as "all amerikkkan"? What is an "all amerikkkan"?
The full story can be read here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What About Black Rights?

Good morning people. I'm still new to the blogging thing, so bear with me.
This post is actually a response I wrote on another blog.
I don't remember how I got to that site to be honest with you, but it pissed me off
because these Peta folks go off the deep end for ANYTHING to do with animals, when in alot of the cases, it's just smoke blowing for their benefit.
Now, these people are supposed to be pissed off with Verizon because they used a Pitt bull in one of their ads. Now, I haven't actually seen the commercial, but I'm quite sure a multi billion dollar company is not going to jeopardize their business putting out a commercial treating a dog in an inhumane fashion. A DOG at that???
In this country, where dogs have more rights than certain types of people (you all know who I'm talking about) I honestly don't think so.

It's funny how people get all gung ho defending animals, but don't see any value in black people besides the money they can make off of them.
White people are more concerned with the well being of dogs, yet we have babies and small children (In the U.S. as well, not just in Africa) Literally starving to death. Not long ago, a little boy died because his mother couldn't afford a root canal in the same country I was born and raised in, which I pay my taxes to every year, just to be treated like a second class citizen because of my skin color and my socioeconomic status. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Do all of you so-called god fearing Christians actually think god would let you into heaven knowing how you've treated and continue to treat other people for centuries because of their skin color? These "animal rights activists" are the same people you probably would've seen in the '60's spraying people down with water hoses. Different time same fight.